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Polar Pearls

Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer

Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer

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With Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer, you can finally get the sterilized toothbrushes you have always wanted in a consistent, efficient, and timely manner.


Dimensions (L x W): 7.48 in x 3.93 in

Weight: 350 g/0.77 lbs

Color: White

Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh

IR Sensor Range: 1.5 m/4.92 ft


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Innovative Design

It is a toothbrush holder, toothpaste dispenser, and toothbrush UV sterilizer (3-in-1).

Can store up to 4 toothbrushes including electric toothbrush heads.

Provides sterilization rate of 99.99% in 4-6 minutes. 

Easy Installation

Built-in adhesive sticks on most surfaces: glass, ceramic, marble, and even drywall. Note: Clean surface is required for the adhesive.

Created Safe

Each toothbrush head is protected with a separation plate, which protects toothbrushes from cross infections.

Designed with a smart IR sensor, it will stop sterilizing as soon as it recognizes that people are in the vicinity of being exposed to UV-rays.

Efficient Battery

Solar panel can absorb any type of light for power.

Fully charged battery can last up to 3 weeks of daily sterilization.

  • Image of leaf for Polar Pearls eco-friendly modern polymer material


    Our product is made up of an entirely recyclable, non-toxic, and environmental friendly contemporary polymer material.

  • Image of house and family to show how Polar Pearls is perfect for family use


    Our product was designed to appeal to families. The device has four toothbrush sterilizer holders, so everyone in the family can have better hygiene.

  • Image of rocket to show how Polar Pearls is developing for the future


    A new wave of sanitary technology is coming. We want to provide the luxury of having a high-tech sterilizer to ordinary people at an affordable price.

Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer On Wooden Background

What's Included

(1) Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer

(1) Micro-USB Charging Cable

  • Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer Installation Part 1

    Step 1

    Before removing the cover on the adhesive strip located on the back of the product, consider where you want to put it in your bathroom.

  • Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer Installation Part 2

    Step 2

    Clean the designated place on the wall by first using a damp towel, and then a dry microfiber rag. Let the wall air dry for 2 minutes.

  • Polar Pearls Toothbrush UV-Sterilizer Installation Part 3

    Step 3

    Remove the adhesive strip cover, and then set the product on the clean designated location on the wall. With this technique, the device should remain firm on your wall for many years to come. 

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  • Image of protected shield for Polar Pearls 99.99% sterilization


    Our product is straightforward and efficient. Simply set the toothbrushes in their assigned areas, and the UV germicidal irradiation system will take care of the rest. When the blue light turns on, you know bacteria is being eliminated at that precise instant.

  • Image of toothpaste for Polar Pearls toothpaste holder

    Toothpaste Dispenser

    The toothpaste dispenser works by squeezing out toothpaste every time you push back on the circular piece located below the solar panel.  If you are having trouble setting up the toothpaste dispenser, look at our FAQ page for more setup details. 

  • Image of charging battery for Polar Pearls solar panel


    Charging the device may be required if the battery is dead. Once the battery has enough power to kickstart the solar panel, the device should not require much charging. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Abby F.

The customer support could not be better! I was reluntact to buy the sterilizer in the first place, and was not sure if it was good quailty since it was a higher price on amazon. I accidently ordered 2 and ended up liking the sterilizer and its suprising good quailty. I did not want to have the extra sterilizer, so i contacted the support email and they gave me a full refund for it! Thier response time was super quixk and they could not have done better.

Benjamin K.

perfect for anyone who wants an affordable sterilizer. the one i had previously was twice as much money and was cheap plastic. Never thought that polar pearls would do the trick. thank you polar pearls!

Kate A.

OMG!!! I got this as a gift for our family and I can never go back. Instead of an ugly looking cup that holds our toothbrushes, we can prop it up on the sterilizer. it cleans our toothbrushes super quick and we dont even have to plug it in anymore bc of teh solar panel. we even had a power outage once and still had clean toothbrushes. Buying another one for the master bathroom!

Vince F.

Strong Quality. Also matches the white marble in my bathroom. Sterilizes my electric toothbrush just fine.

Mark C.

To be honest I was not expecting this product to work so efficiently and effectively, but was completely surprised when it passed my expectations.