Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that we get and our answers to them. 


So how does it work?

Our device uses UV germicidal irradiation: short-wavelength UV radiation is used to destroy or inactivate microorganisms by breaking their DNA, causing all of the germs to disintegrate. The device is powered by a battery containing 1200 mAh of power, which can be charged using a micro-USB cable or the built-in solar panel. 

Why do I need to UV sterilize my toothbrushes?

Every time you flush your toilet, millions of germs travel through the air and can land on an unprotected toothbrush. Additionally, any given toothbrush can contain up to 10 million bacteria, many of which are potentially detrimental to your health. Our toothbrush sterilizer eliminates this risk of bacteria, like E. coli and staphylococci, by ensuring that your toothbrush is consistently clean.

Can it sterilize electric toothbrushes as well?

The size of the holders were designed to hold electric toothbrush heads, so most electric toothbrushes should fit. The UV-light should not mess up the functionality of your electric toothbrush. 

How fast does it sterilize my toothbrush?

Pretty fast! Sterilization should take anywhere from 4-6 minutes. 

Does the solar panel actually work?

Yes, of course. The solar panel is completely operational and can use any type of light for power, including natural and artificial light. 

How does the toothpaste dispenser work?

This is probably one of the harder components to set up, but it works like a charm once you get it ready!

1. First, make sure you have installed the toothbrush sterilizer device firmly on your wall/mirror.

2. Also, make sure you get some extra paper towels, as you might need to wipe off some toothpaste.

3. With the cap on,  squeeze all the toothpaste towards the front of your toothpaste container.

4. Remove the cap and insert the toothpaste container into the toothpaste holder, toothpaste facing down. Try to get the toothpaste as snug as possible into the toothpaste holder. Try twisting the toothpaste container into the toothpaste holder if you cannot get a snug fit. 

5. Squeeze the toothpaste into the toothpaste holder, while trying to maintain the toothpaste being towards the front of the container. You should do this until you see toothpaste filling the semi-clear tube below the solar panel.

6. Then start to push back on the toothpaste dispenser (U-shaped piece under the solar panel) until toothpaste starts to come out. If toothpaste does not come out at this point, try to repeat step 5 or squeeze the toothpaste as you push back on the dispenser. 

7. Keep pushing the toothpaste dispenser until a fuller flow of toothpaste comes out with each push. If only a small amount of toothpaste is coming out, don't worry. The dispenser will loosen with more uses and will be more full once all the air pockets have left. 

8. You are done! If you still are having trouble or you have more questions, feel free to contact us at our Contact Us page or email us at 

Do I need it to be plugged into the wall at all times?

No. Since our solar panel can use any type of light for power, it is more than capable of powering UV sterilization. However, when the battery is dead, the cable is usually needed to kickstart the battery so the solar panel can function at full capacity. 

Can the UV-light harm me?

It is very unlikely, but it can do minimal damage if you are directly exposed to it for a period of time. Thankfully, our device was designed to contain most of the UV-light to the toothbrushes and can be done sterilizing in 4-6 minutes. In addition, our device will stop sterilizing if the smart infrared sensors detect your presence within 1.5 meters. That being said, make sure to sterilize your toothbrushes at a time when you are not present in the bathroom, so the infrared sensors are not triggered and the device can function properly.

Can the UV-light kill COVID-19?

Yes. The UV-light produced by our sterilizer is known to be effective in inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus, eliminating your chance of contracting COVID-19.

Will you guys be making any other UV-sterilization products?

Yes. We intend to expand our business in the future to reach a larger audience with a focus on bathroom sterilization.

Have more questions? Ask us on our contact us page.